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order & premissions

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order & premissions


order & premissions

Persian Tejarat  davan has the honor to provide following services with the help of experienced experts in order registration and business system:

-free counsultation
-obtaining  order registration permission in one day
-obtaining permission for imported vehicles for  all businesses ,disabled, veterans and embassies in one day
-obtaining permission for imported goods from different organizations as: Food&Drug Organization, Atomic Energy Organization, Radio  communication  and Rules  Control Organization ، Ministry of Jihad, Ministry of Defence, plant Quarantine and protection Organization, Medical Equipment, Institute for Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults, etc
-registration in BEHIN YAB website
-obtaining entry and clearance permission from Ministry of
Roads&Urban Development
-obtaining seller identification from FIDA in order registration website
-obtaining token
-arranging for transportation declaration
-arranging for business issues

مراحل انجام کار


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